Why You Might Want to Get a Dental Operation

A lot of people can’t tell if their mouth has problems that Doctor Wisdom can fix. It can be a lot harder to determine if you need oral surgery to deal with these issues.

You may need an oral procedure, e.g., for the treatment of a tumor or cyst in the jaw or dental implants. Dental surgery may also satisfy cosmetic or reconstructive desires. Here are some of the reasons why someone might need surgery.

Loss of Teeth

Doctor Wisdom would suggest the removal of an already severely infected tooth. You will even consider replacing your tooth. While not all restorations need surgery, remember implants are a better restoration that will last the rest of your life.

These solid titanium screws are mounted within the jawbone, where they act as artificial tooth roots to support a dental crown, bridge, or denture. You may want to talk to us about whether implants are right for you if you have one or more missing teeth.

Painful Wisdom Teeth

If your third and final molars (usually from the late teens to the early 20s) come in, they can cause some pain and distress. Most patients can’t preserve their wisdom teeth. The wisdom tooth can only grow partly in the gums, rendering this region more prone to gum disease and decay.

Wisdom teeth can develop even in crooked and place healthy teeth under pressure, which can cause more trouble. It’s time to think about an extraction if you struggle with swelling, discomfort, fever, or other infection symptoms around the wisdom teeth.

Insufficient Bone Density

You may want dental implants, but sadly your tooth may have lost a large amount of jawbone density. While this could be a stressful situation, there is a solution. We perform a simple bone grafting procedure before inserting your implant.

We either build up or attach bone to your jaw using your natural bone from another area of your body (usually in the mouth) or a donor. The dentist will position your implant once the grafted bone has fused with your jawbone. Bone grafting may take between 3 and 4 months to complete.

There are a variety of reasons why dental surgery can be beneficial. Surgery will fix any restoration or cosmetic need, so if you have dental problems, you must turn to a dentist. If you have concerns about a future procedure or have any of the above signs, contact us today.… Read the rest