Installing an Underground Sprinkler System

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Spring will be coming soon and you will definitely want to get those yards nice and green for the year , checkout these few tips if you are planning on installing a sprinkler system.


Installing an Underground Sprinkler System in the House

If you want a living landscape then it needs water to flourish and survive. You cannot completely rely on natural rainfall which is the best source of water but not frequent. Depending on the type of planting and grass and to make it look green as ever, you need to install an irrigation system. Properly installed sprinkler system helps you direct it when and where needed.

Preparation for installing a sprinkler

Installing an irrigation system can help you save a lot of money and you do not have to depend on a gardener to take care of the landscape. This is one interesting DIY program and accurate planning for what to purchase is the key to success in this field. This is much more than a weekend program and needs fine tuning every now and then.

Manufacturers of home irrigation system have created planning guides and designs to simplify the task, all you need is to pick one up and install it by following the instructions. The first and the most important question is if you actually need an underground system or not. In some conditions, a high arch spray may partially evaporate or blow away before it actually reaches the ground. Some turf grass need more water than others.

Before you install an irrigation system, call Manhattan Beach plumbers for help and confirm:

  • If any permits needed from the building authorities
  • Get more details on underground utilities prior to digging.
  • Study about the local municipal water ordinance else a local plumber can always assist you with the same.

To make sure that you are buying the right component, determine the following specifications:

  • Pressure of water in PSI
  • Line size water service
  • Meter size of water or the pump size
  • Water flow in GPM
  • Backflow prevention as per the local code

Understanding the water pressure

The two measurements in which water pressure is calculated in working and static. It is important to know the working pressure of water. To check the pressure you would need a pressure gauge, a local plumber can help you buy the best. The gauge is attached to the faucet outside the house and gives reading of water pressure in PSI (per square inch).

Knowing the size of the water meter

If you are connected to your municipal system then the size will be mentioned on the meter, else you will have to look for it on the utility bills. The sizes available are 1”, ¾” and 5/8”.

Mapping of the irrigation system

When doing the primary research, there are so many things involved and these are the things to consider when laying an underground sprinkler.

  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Sidewalk
  • Fencing
  • Shade and sun area
  • Slopes

Once done with that planning that you need to take the maps and water measurements hat comes in bits and parts. Choosing components that matches with the water pressure and supply is important and you would need a valve, head style, riser, couplings and fittings, backflow preventers, valve manifold, timers, manual control and the pipes. With all the things available in the market, you can surely pick them all but a local plumber can not only assist you with buying the right product but also with the installation.

photo credit: Kumaravel via photopin cc

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  1. my neighbor had to install a sprinkler last summer, it was pretty interesting to watch and lots of work but you can definitely tell the difference to having one installed..

  2. this is good to know i’ve been dying to have a sprinkler system!

  3. Thanks for the tips. I bookmarked the post as a hint to my husband.

  4. Underground sprinklers are such a time saver and it’s great not having to lug that hose around!

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