How Virtual Terminals Can Help Your Business Go Anywhere You Are

Do you want to accept credit card payments in person or over the phone but would prefer to do so without hardware? Virtual terminals make this possible. Once you learn what they are and how they work, you will be able to determine if getting a virtual terminal is the right decision for your business.


A virtual terminal is a web-based software that enables you to manually enter a customer’s credit card data on your computer without the need for a card reader. Because the terminal is linked to your merchant account, the payment can be processed in a matter of seconds.


Incorporating this transaction method into your business model can provide unique advantages, particularly for certain kinds of companies that frequently do business over the phone. Some examples include the following:

• Caterers and other food delivery enterprises that accept pre-payments before preparing and sending out an order;

• Freelance writers, web designers and tax preparers who often prefer to take payments for services rendered over the phone;

• Contractors who choose not to bring card readers with them on the job, opting to accept payments later from their home or office;

• Merchants who do not have sufficient counter space for a physical terminal.


In this era of fraud and data breaches, payment security must be at the forefront of every entrepreneur’s mind. The good news is that transactions processed via virtual terminals are PCI compliant and secure. This is because they are conducted using a payment gateway that either encrypts or tokenizes the data during transmission. Your processor could also add extra safeguards by performing an address verification or asking for the CVV number on the back of the card.


The biggest danger inherent in this way of accepting payments is the temptation to jot down or store the card numbers that people provide to you. While this strategy might seem like a good way to protect yourself or even to make future payments easier for the customer, it places your business in jeopardy should an unscrupulous person gain access to the sensitive information. Another added risk of virtual terminals is that the payments are not conducted in person and are thus considered to be “card-not-present.” As a result, you might pay higher fees and penalties, particularly if the customer requests a reversal of funds from their card issuer.

If your company conducts a very low volume of sales or does most of its business over the phone, using a virtual terminal can be a very safe and efficient way to take payments. Although fees tend to be higher than you would be charged for a card reader, you may also elect to take ACH payments from your customer that enable you to seamlessly debit funds between accounts, often at a lower cost. In general, virtual terminals can provide you with additional flexibility without sacrificing efficiency and security. Investing in one just might be a great idea for your business.
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How To Apply Car Touch Up Paint On Chips With Touch Up Paint And Clear Coat

Do you have a Jeep Wrangler which isn’t the typical red, blue, or green? Or, is it an off-white color that you can’t find anywhere else when you are looking for a body shop to do touch up work on your car? If this is the case, you are not alone. In fact, there are many drivers who own cars which have a different color shade, which certain body shops simply can’t guarantee they will match perfectly when you bring your car into their shop to do touch up work. So, how do you find the perfect Jeep Wrangler Touch Up Paint match? With Touch Up Direct. 

Find any Color for your Wrangler – 

Sure, most Wranglers are the bright red that you’re used to seeing on the road. But, there are other colors and then there are the custom paint jobs that some Wrangler owners have detailed onto their car. When someone dings their car, or a shopping cart causes damage to their vehicle at the supermarket, what should these drivers do? There is a way to find any color under the sun for your Jeep Wrangler Touch Up Paint. Touch Up Direct has over 7000 colors, for not only Jeep, but several other manufacturer make and model cars.

Affordability and Quick work – 

If you don’t want to pay a body shop several hundreds of dollars to touch up the bumper, you don’t have to. Touch up direct has a small pen you can purchase, and do the touch up work yourself. In fact, it is so discreet you’ll hardly notice that the pen is used for your car and to touch up those dents and dings that tend to show up on your car as the years pass. You no longer have to overpay a body shop or file a claim with your insurer, only to see your insurance rates skyrocket because of a small paint job you need done.

You can find the perfect color, no matter how obscure it may be, or what kind of custom paint you have chosen to detail your Jeep Wrangler. When you need to do work on your Jeep, Touch Up Direct has just what you are looking for. If you want an affordable solution, and if you want something that requires virtually no guesswork to touch up a small blemish on your car, Jeep Wrangler Touch Up Paint from Touch Up Direct has you covered.… Read the rest

How To Take A Online Hearing Test To Make Sure Your Hearing Is The Best

If you have noticed signs of hearing loss, you understandably may feel frustrated by your inability to hear and to communicate as well as once did. You may notice that your friends, loved ones and coworkers become irritated at times by having to repeat themselves when talking to you. Phone communications may be challenging even when your phone’s volume is at the highest level. Impaired hearing is commonly associated with aging, but it can also be caused by exposure to loud sounds and other issues. The good news is that there is a convenient way to address your hearing impairment through ListenLively.

The Outdated Process of Getting Hearing Aids

Buying hearing aids in the past has been a time-consuming and unnecessarily expensive hassle. It required you to first make an appointment for a general physical with your primary care physician. The physician may rule out some causes of hearing loss that may be treated medically, such as infections, tumors, and objects lodged in the ear canal. The doctor would then refer you to an audiologist for a hearing test. The audiologist would complete his or her own diagnostic tests to determine if you need hearing aids or if another type of treatment is necessary. This process could take weeks and can result in unnecessary medical expenses. Depending on the type of health insurance that you have, the cost of these medical expenses can be burdensome.

An Improved Process

Through ListenLively, you can take an online hearing test today. This is a comprehensive test that enables ListenLively’s hearing specialists to determine the type of hearing loss that you suffer from so that your new hearing aids can be programmed accordingly. Within three days, you may have customized hearing aids delivered to your door. Your purchase of these hearing aids entitles you to all of the follow-up care and live assistance that you need for the next two years to ensure that you have superior hearing going forward.

Innovative Technology

The hearing aids that you receive will have advanced technology to provide superior results. Issues with muffled sounds and the stress of trying to read lips will be a thing of the past. The hearing aids are designed to buffer background noises while specifically enhancing voices. In addition, specialized technology can be used when you want to listen to music, watch television or improve hearing for other activities. Making adjustments based on your hearing needs and the environment that you are in can be done within seconds by accessing an app on your smartphone.

Hearing loss can make your life miserable, and it affects those around you as well. The stressful irritation of getting hearing aids through the traditional process is now outdated. You can easily begin the improved, modern process of getting hearing aids by taking the hearing test online. This convenient step could result in customized hearing aids being delivered to your home within the next three days, so now is the ideal time to act.
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Learn The Best Way To Stay On Budget When Looking For Cremation Services

With so many companies offering cremation services, the process of finding the right one can be quite tricky. There are many factors that you need to take into consideration before you decide which service provider would be most appropriate for you. 

For many people, the cost is one of the main factors to consider. If you are looking for low cost cremation California, you may want to get in touch with California Cremation Centers. In additional to being very affordable, our services can be customized to meet the needs of our clients. 

How you approach the process of finding a cremation company is what determines whether you end up getting real value for your money. Doing some research in advance will certainly give you some good pointers on what to look out for and what to avoid. 

Here are some tips to help you find quality but low-cost cremation in California:

1.Compare different providers

Cremation service prices vary sharply among provider. In order to find low-cost cremation in California, you need to take the time to check a number of providers and find out how much they charge for the type of service you are looking for. You can choose to make direct calls or visit their websites to find the information you need. 

2.Ask the right questions

A good cremation service provider should be willing to answer questions relating to pricing, the rights of the client and how the entire process works. If they are reluctant to provide all this information, then you should probably try a different provider.

3.Visit the facility

You don’t want to conduct everything over the phone or through emails. Visiting the facility will give you an opportunity to see how well-organized and clean it is. At the same time, you will able to see if it matches what the company’s website says. 

4.Read enough online reviews

Client feedback about a particular provider is always a great source of useful information about what to expect from them. If there is a lot of negative feedback, don’t deal with them. Referrals can also be great sources of information. 

In summary

If you have lost a loved one, the cremation ceremony is an integral part of the healing process. That is why the process of finding a cremation service provider should be as meticulous as possible. At California Cremation Centers, we understand the importance of the moment and have a team of people who will pull all the stops to ensure your loved one gets a befitting send-off.… Read the rest

Improvements You Can Do To Make Your Dream Kitchen A Reality

If you have an old style kitchen in your house, then you would never like the place. Neither you would enjoy cooking in it, nor would you like to go there. That means you won’t be able to make any good food either that kitchen. And if you want to overcome this situation, then kitchen remodeling can be the only solution for you. But you can get better results with this work only if you do it right and here I am sharing some kitchen remodeling designs ideas. If you have an old style kitchen in your house, then you would never like the place. Neither you would enjoy cooking in it, nor would you like to go there. That means you won’t be able to make any good food either that kitchen. And if you want to overcome this situation, then kitchen remodeling can be the only solution for you. But you can get better results with this work only if you do it right and here I am sharing some ideas for kitchen remodeling that can help you in a great way.

Add an island: If you don’t already have an island in your kitchen, then make sure you add one. “A kitchen island is a great addition. When done right it can serve as workspace, dining table, sink and even storage,” said Joe from Friendly Contractor. With this addition of island in your kitchen, you can actually get a lot of extra space for work with minimum footwork. If you have someone that can assist you in the kitchen then this island will give you space to get that help without creating clutter in the space.

Wise cabinet selection: Cabinets play an important role in the aesthetic of kitchen and storage as well. Sometime people think either about the storage area or the looks of their kitchen. But you shall remember that kitchen cabinets need to fulfill both the roles and if it lacks at either of these places, then you shall choose some other option.

Eat in kitchen: It may not be possible for all the people, but if you have enough space in your kitchen, then try to add a place for eating in the kitchen. You can put the dining table next to your kitchen and that can be a perfect spot for your dining area. In this way, all the family members can eat together and if they need anything from the kitchen they can get it easily.

Have free space: This is really an important suggestion that every professional gives you about kitchen remodeling designs. You must have enough free space in the kitchen and if you need to ignore the island for this free space, then you should drop the island. As mentioned by Daniel from Bradco Kitchen, ideally, you shall have nothing between your gas stove, fridge and sink. This space should be completely free from any disturbance because you commute most in these three areas in your kitchen.

Have proper lighting: In addition to all the above suggestions, it is also extremely important that you choose right kind of lighting for that. With proper lighting you will be able to increase the aesthetic value and you can also do cooking with comfort.… Read the rest