How to Upload Videos to YouTube (for Beginners)

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Talking about videos, it can be a lot of fun once you can upload them online. For this purpose, YouTube is undoubtedly one of the best websites which is recognized by many. For those who have never uploaded video contents it may initially sound a bit intimidating. But once you do it one shall surely find it extremely convenient, quick and also easy.


Here are a few steps, which can help you to walk through the entire procedure very easy. It is for all newcomers who wish to show their skills by uploading video contents onto their YouTube accounts.

Firstly, to upload video contents on YouTube one needs to get them registered on to this site. For this one has to click on the large blue “Create Account” button on the YouTube website. To become a member, one can fill out a fresh registration form or even use their existing Gmail ID this naturally saves a lot of time.

Now that you have signed in to YouTube, and you have an access to your account, here are a few more steps which can help you to upload your favorite videos in a jiffy.

Step 1

Click on the ‘Upload’ button which you shall be able to find left to your username once you have logged on to YouTube.

Step 2

Once you follow the above step, you shall be redirected to a new page which shall present the user with two different options.

  • The number one option is a Yellow button labeled “Upload Video”
  • The other link is which says “Record from Web Cam”

Click on the first Yellow button once you want to upload your video files.

Step 3

Now once you choose the upload button, you shall be redirected to another new pop-up window which shall ask the user to select the video they want to upload from their hard disk or any other external storage device.

To select the desired video one needs to click on the “Choose” button.

Step 4

Now that the video has started uploading, you can see its development. There will be also a lot of other options on this page, which shall show up during the upload, but never close the webpage unless the upload gets over.

Step 5

Once the upload is complete, you can add your own description, file name, or fill out other relevant options which also include selecting your levels of ‘Privacy’.

Step 6

The YouTube site takes a couple of minutes to process the uploaded video content, whereby a progress status is visible at the top of the page. Once this status bar reaches 100%, you can click on the video and see the video contents online that you have just finished loading on the website.

Alternatively, one can also find the videos by clicking their username at the top left corner of their page, by choosing the video tab.

To share the uploaded videos one can click on the ‘Share” button which is placed underneath the videos, which can link your uploaded video with other people and friends through email or Facebook.

Now if you are also keen upon downloading videos that are uploaded by others, you can use a web-browser plug-in like Firefox Video Downloadhelper or use online services like KeepVid. One can even use popular desktop programs like Wondershare Free YouTube Downloader which has been reviewed persistently as extremely fast and reliable software for YouTube video downloads.


Christine Smith has been a freelance writer for 6 years and a contributor for Wondershare, her writings are mainly focused on technology or similarly interesting software. She also likes to share some great tips on and off, purely based on her personal experience.

photo credit: jonsson via photopin cc

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